Top 10 Alternatives to Nightstands

February 24, 2014
Log Nightstand

We love our nightstands, but consider out of the box options when looking for that perfect companion for your bed. Here are our top 10 list of nightstand alternatives that offer great functionality and unique aesthetics.

1. A Small Stool
Economical and simple, a small stool can provide a small tabletop for your bedside items while easily complementing a variety of bedroom designs.

Stool Nightstand

2. Side Tables
Side tables and traditional nightstands are often interchangeable. When shopping for a nightstand, make sure to also explore the store’s side table collection as they often have similar height, style, and/or storage. You can check out the side table below here.

Side Table Nightstand

3. Tree Stump
Invite a piece of nature into your bedroom by using a tree stump at your nightstand. You can get one of varied height or circumference for your needs.

Tree Stump Nightstand

4. A Pouf or Small Ottoman
A low-profile pouf or ottoman can offer an assortment of options when it comes to style – Moroccan, solid, striped, etc. Take a look at some of our small poufs under the Ottomans & Benches section.

Ottoman Pouf Nightstand

5. Short Ladders
A small ladder, particularly one made of natural wood, can provide a unique look and multiple surfaces for placing items. Make sure the steps are broad enough to be practical. Some nightstands are purposefully made with a ladder design.

Ladder Nightstand

6. Restored CratesΒ 
Stacking 2-3 crates, especially wine crates, can provide a large tabletop surface while offering plenty of accessible storage space. Gives off a very “Anthropologie” vibe.

Crate Nightstand

7. Accent ChairsΒ 
Any armless accent chair with relatively flat seat can provide plenty of surface to take the place of a nightstand. Try this out to give your bedroom a carefree and spontaneous appeal.

Chair Nightstand

8. Hanging/Floating Wall ShelvesΒ 
Most hanging shelves are surprisingly easy to install. As a nightstand, they can save enormous space and open up your room. You won’t see this look in most homes, so guests will immediately notice it.

Wall Shelf Nightstand

9. Stacks of Vintage Suitcases
Chic and fashionable, vintage suitcases can provide long-term storage. The large surface make a perfect top for placing lighting, laptops, glassware, or other common bedside items.

Suitcase Nightstand

10. A Trunk
Store all your memory lane, guest bedding, and other rarely-accessed possessions inside, while taking advantage of the sweeping trunk top for your decor and everyday items.

Trunk Nightstand

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