Tips for Zen Inspired Interior Decor

April 28, 2014

Japan (and more broadly Asia) is known by its zen-minimalist decor, where ”less is more.” Natural fiber elements (bamboo, oak, ash wood, etc.) and organic colors help create a calm and serene environment. Many people wonder how to create this atmosphere within their homes. Today, I will be sharing some awesome ideas for zen decor and offering simple tips to implementing it in your interior design.

Zen-inspired bedrooms (click on thumbnails for larger images) :

Zen-inspired living rooms (click on thumbnails for larger images):

The zen design offers peace and tranquility, excellent for those looking to wind down after returning home from a taxing day of work. A zen interior transforms your rooms into an oasis of warmth and meditation. In particular, bathrooms should be the central place to cleanse and relax your mind. Here are a few well designed zen-themed bathrooms. Notice the frequent use of stone, wood, and clean lines (click on thumbnails for larger images):

Keep in mind that if you’d like to remodel your bathrooms, it is a very technical area of the house (similar to remodeling kitchens) and require very specific technicalities and materials. The advice of a professional will help you avoid making mistakes that can be very costly in the end.

Onto zen accents and decors. Rely on a few select pieces with subdued tones, preferably made of organic materials. Blending pieces with simple geometric shapes with irregular natural shapes is a good way to create contrast. Here are some examples (click on thumbnails for larger images) :

Finally, consider the below stores to start exploring for Zen items.

1- MyZen store

2- Froy

3- Pottery Barn

4- Wayfair

5- Marwin Craft

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