Stores Like IKEA: 10 Alternatives for Modern Furniture

March 8, 2014
Stores Like IKEA

Like most enthusiasts of design, we’re big fans of IKEA, both for their products and as a business. However, it’s near impossible to name a single direct peer to the Swedish giant. We’re here to offer some alternative stores like IKEA for great designs at accessible prices.

Obviously, we’re going to list 10 online stores other than ourselves (although, if you’re here, we hope you’ve checked us out). We’re also opting for stores where you can find products priced below the ranges of West Elm, Room & Board, and the likes.


1. AllModern Logo

This massive online retailer is part of Wayfair. They consolidate a large assortment of modern products across all price ranges. Amazing customer service to boot. Although it may take some time to browse through their massive catalog, there are good deals here.

2. Overstock Logo

Overstock sells more than furniture and decor, but they have a surprisingly strong selection of modern styles at great discounts if you dig deep enough.

3. Fab Logo

Most products on Fab are high-end designer items, but look for the newer products that are made by Fab. They’re always available (despite what the countdown timer may seem to suggest) and are very inexpensive for their look and quality.

4. Etsy Logo

Etsy is wonderful. Since you’re buying direct from small business owners/makers, the prices can be fantastic and the aesthetics truly unique. However, sifting through all the products to find the one you love can take time.

5. Scandinavian Designs Logo

As its name suggests, Scandinavian Designs has extremely similar style as IKEA. Though the prices are higher, the quality and aesthetics are also very nice.

6. CB2 Logo

The younger, hipper, cheaper sister store of Crate & Barrel, CB2 carries a variety of modern, minimalist, and industrial furniture pieces. Be prepared to pay a premium, but there are a lot of great craftsmanship and design.

7. Dwell Store

Dwell Store Logo

Dwell, our favorite magazine covering all things modern architecture and design, have a little known store that offer fantastic high-end designs at surprisingly accessible prices. Though they aren’t as economical as IKEA, you can find many items near the CB2 range with a tremendous design appeal.

8. World Market Logo

The products on World Market are less modern, leaning towards a chic, industrial, worldly look. You can find some good items here at good price ranges.

9. Pier 1 Imports Logo

Pier 1, similar to World Market, doesn’t have the usual modern, Scandinavian aesthetics. Furniture and decor tend to have a contemporary look that attempts to fit in every home at price ranges that attract the masses.

10. Urban Outfitters Apartment

Urban Outfitters is one of the best sources for contemporary, chic, bohemian products. Though better known for clothing and apparel, their home department actually carries highly unique products that you won’t find on any of the stores listed above.

fin end

That wraps it up for today. Let us know if you have other suggestions. IKEA is quite remarkable in their sheer dominance in selling beautiful, modern, simple designs at such affordable price ranges. However, these 10 stores along with our own should more than satisfy your shopping needs. Hope our list is able to help you out!

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  • Heer Kaur

    These designs are very stunning. Everyone wants to buy these products in Home. I am also selling the Furniture only Industrial Furniture in India But this design is very attractive. I highly Recommended to all.

  • Erwan Derlyn

    Great list Liana, I would like to suggest adding hem – a design furniture brand from Sweden with accessible prices. We work with some of the most talented designers of today and tomorrow, like Max Lamb, Philippe Malouin and Pauline Deltour to name only a few.

  • brian

    all way more expensive than ikea…

  • Sofa SOS

    This is just very helpful for me as I’ve been trying to find out which stores are there other than IKEA and some other stores I know. Thank you!

  • Alessandra Schmidt

    Thank you for this very useful post! I have another one, some of you might like: I recently ordered something, great products and great service.

  • Thanks for the information i also would like to add one more for online furniture.
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  • Donald H. Cudney

    Useful post. I have some Green dot for Target stuff, and it’s disappointingly cheap. It’s all very cute, and very much goes with the look of my home, but once I put it all together it looked like beat up dorm furniture.

  • Dhanya Balakrishnan

    well you can also check out Court Street for best quality office furniture

  • Jackson

    is always a good option because if you have small function then hising furniture is better than buying it.

  • Rudy Daly


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  • Emma Winget

    Thanks for shared this alternative modern furniture stores.

  • Very nice thanks for share this blog

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  • Marlon Buenaventura

    You forgot to Mention, when it comes to Modern Furniture in the Philippines there is

  • Micheal Planck

    Dot & Bo require you to sign up and provide your email address before they will even let you look at their products.

    Unbelievable. If they kick me in the face when I’m just walking through the door, what kind of treatment can I expect once they have my money? I think you should remove them from your list of recommendations. They are so bad that merely having their name on your site has now made me think less of you. 🙁

    • froystore

      Hi Micheal – thanks for your feedback!

      I’m sorry having them on the list was offensive, but hope you don’t associate their business practices to ours. doesn’t require email registration to browse and we also offer free shipping. If you have any suggestions for an online store that can replace them, I’d happily consider it! I’ll think of options as well.

      • Micheal Planck

        I don’t have any ideas for on-line stores (not that Ikea is really an on-line store since half their stuff you can’t buy on-line). But Dot & Bo just made me think of Bo & Peep – you know, the leaders of the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide cult.

        I managed to look at their stuff and was unimpressed; as you noted, they don’t really offer anything you don’t. So I would just drop them. 9 alternatives is enough. 😀 Sadly what I needed wasn’t in your catalog, but I do appreciate the fact that you try to help your customers find what they need even if it isn’t in your store. That kind of customer service is the way it is supposed to be.

  • hongkongbuzz

    Great list. But these mainly deliver to USA only. Try They have a great selection and ships worldwide.

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