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Small Spaces, Awesome Designs

April 20, 2014

Designing around a small space is always tricky. With a rapidly growing population and the rise of real estate prices, apartments are becoming smaller and more expensive by the year. Fortunately, by following some simple steps, it is possible to create a comfortable and functional environment even in the smallest of spaces. I selected three great projects that made the most of every available inch.

1. Reddy Residence by Reddymade Design

We had the opportunity to see this amazing project in person last year during Open House New York. Located on Fifth Avenue, this Greenwich Village apartment is a great example a super-functional apartment using only 375 sq-ft of space. Click on thumbnails for larger images:

Company’s website:

2. Gary Chang’s Hong Kong apartment

The Chinese architect Gary Chang managed to design his 32m² Hong Kong apartment into 24 rooms.

Chang’s system of sliding walls, reinvented modern architecture. From the outside, one can only distinguish the apartment from others due to the sunset yellow shaded windows, which convert any kind of weather and light into a warm and golden haven.

3. Closet House by Consexto

The Closet House,designed by Portuguese company Consexto, is an example of intelligent design around minimal space. The apartment, at 44m², is divided into five zones – two of which are completely flexible and transformable because of an automated sliding cabinet/wall system.Click on thumbnails for larger images:

Tour of the apartment:

Company’s website:

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