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DIY End Table Ideas: Top 5 Easy and Cheap Projects

November 29, 2015

I’ve aggregated a curated list of DIY end table ideas that are easy and cheap to build. Given my love for all things organic and minimalist, these DIY side table ideas will be perfect if you share a similar taste. Although end tables are often an afterthought when furnishing a new space, it is one of the easiest ways to accent your room with flavor and differentiation.

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DIY Hat Rack That Is Simple, Clean and Chic

March 11, 2015
DIY Wood And Leather Hat Rack

This is the only DIY hat rack guide you’ll need. It’s extremely simple, minimalist, and simultaneously chic and contemporary. Quite possibly a timeless design that’s been constructed since the dawn of humanity, it features a few wood poles tied together by a leather cord. It’ll run you no more than $20-$30 and is a great home and interior DIY project for beginners. Continue Reading

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Coastal & Nautical Decor Ideas

April 21, 2014

The coastal/nautical design delicately brings together traditional and contemporary styles, creating an environment where everyday living evokes feelings of a tranquil seaside vacation. It often uses a combination of chic, natural, and minimalist elements to create a warm and inviting setting. Continue Reading


Wool Knit Wrapped Wood Bench

February 22, 2014

This simple DIY bench combines many of my favorite features: mid-century minimalism, natural wood, and woven wool for that warm, inviting look. You can make this bench yourself in about an hour for just $85 (plus whatever you use for the woven sleeve). If you’re looking to add a modern bench to your next DIY project, check this out. Continue Reading